7 Rules For The Right Web Hosting Provider

Cloud-hostingLet’s face it – the process of choosing a web host is extremely essential, especially if you’re thinking of launching a website for your Australia based business. However, with the Australian web hosting services, there’s now an easiness in doing this, that you’ve never known about.

We’re talking here about some golden rules that need to be applied when facing this situation, as the web hosting provider is extremely essential in securing your visibility and accessibility in the online space. Things are very important when dealing with this, as you need to be sure that you will be online 24/7, all year round, no matter what it happens.


Rule no. 1

The first rule is to never trust the advertisement that you see or the advice that you receive. This is because many web host providers can use people to advertise for them and even pay them to say they’re so good in this area. The best thing that you can do is to start a thorough research online – your search engine will become your best friend for a day or two and you will get to access pages, as many as you like, just to see more options and possibilities.



Rule no. 2

This rule is about payments and billing. A professional web hosting provider will manage this with care and consideration toward their clients. If you don’t get any information from their website, look up their contact information and ask them about this – they should be able to offer you an automated service regarding payment, or, at least, a service that is correctly administered.


Rule no. 3

It’s never a good thing to use the services of a web host that experiences outages – they might get an 11excuse once or twice, but if this thing happens repeatedly, then it’s definitely the time to change the provider. Ask them if they have a redundancy plan in case this happens – if the answer is “no”, then you know what you have to do.


Rule no. 4

This rule is about choosing an Australian web host that doesn’t have downtimes – if the site goes down for 24 hours, then there are some problems with their server. In many cases, this proves to be a reseller’s work, and they can’t do anything about it until the owner of the server fixes the problem. If this happens and you’re not notified about this, then it’s time to look for someone else.


Rule no. 5

This is the next thing that you have to do, and it goes right after Rule no. 4. When you get to face the first unpleasant experience, then it’s time to start looking for a new provider. Don’t wait for their excuses or for things to be fixed. You pay for the services that they provide and it’s important to get what you’ve been paying for. They make the living out of your money, so you need to have no problems in using the website.


Rule no. 6

If there were more than several days when your website was not accessible, find another web hosting provider and move everything to them. Don’t make the same mistakes twice, and don’t believe anything that you’re told from your initial provider. If the website was not active for a few days, then there’s definitely a problem in their area – if they are Australian resellers, they might have not paid their bills and their access was cut out until payment. This will affect you directly, even if you do pay your bills to them right 9TpbyRrTEon time.


Rule no. 7

It’s important to remember to use backups for your website. You never know when the site can break down, so it’s better to have all the info that you need for moving it right away to a new provider, than to wait for several days until your web host has solved the problem. Making this move in the first 24 to 48 hours is essential, as you might lose plenty of customers while waiting for the server to work again.

The truth is that with the right Australian web hosting provider, you won’t have any of these problems. However, keeping these rules in mind will help you when the situation calls for an instant solution.